The owners were going to euthanize the paralyzed puppy, but their son was against it, because the dog was already a member of the family.

Incredibly touching story about the friendship of a dog and a teenager. When children ask for a pet, parents often do not refuse them and take the animal home. This family did the same. Parents adopted a dog, as their son really wanted it.

The family lived in a small apartment, where there were only two rooms, but the parents nevertheless agreed to a large dog.

They bought the largest puppy from the breeder, but then it turned out that the pet was very weak. He did not hold well on his limbs, but the breeder nevertheless convinced that the puppy was absolutely healthy.

They thought that the dog would grow up a little, would get the necessary vaccinations and would get stronger. They took him and named him Tyson. The puppy grew up, but the hind limbs still refused to obey. The boy was so used to the animal that he refused to return it.

They gave him an expensive vaccination and, literally the next day, all four legs failed and the dog was actually paralyzed. The family took care of the dog, and this care was very difficult, just like looking after a person.

The father intended to euthanize him, but the son was against it, because he was a member of their family. He took care of his pet and waited for a miracle. Alas, the miracle did not happen. So, without moving, Tyson lived in the family for ten years.

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