The owner searched for his lost dog for a year when he stumbled upon it on the Internet on New Year’s Eve

Athena, a dog, survived a vehicle collision but was left with a missing tail and one of her hind legs.

The dog’s owner did not cut corners when it came to finding the best doctors to restore his pet’s health.

And then, just when the dog was starting to feel better and was still having therapy, she vanished. The owner searched the whole neighborhood, both physically and through social media, for the dog. But she was nowhere to be seen. There were no results after a year of searching.

There was no choice for the family but to accept and go on. Before the New Year, the man was browsing shelter websites for animal catalogs. Then he came upon a familiar face.

He spotted the dog’s missing rear limb in another photo: this is his dog!

She had clearly had a major, costly operation, which her present owners couldn’t afford. After speaking with him, all of the jigsaw pieces fell into place. The dog was reunited with her owner on New Year’s Eve.

The dog did not forget him and was relieved to return home after all of the trials. There she was greeted with a bounty of goodies and warm cuddles. The man said he still doesn’t believe what occurred. He considers the dog’s surprise reappearance a true New Year’s miracle.

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