The owner of the one-eyed dog shoots an answer back to a stranger who insults his four-legged friend.

BBC presenter and veterinarian Dr James Greenwood has one of the cutest dogs in the world. His Labrador Retriever named Oliver only has one eye, but that doesn’t stop him from having the happiest little face. Greenwood is proud to show Oliver because he believes every dog is beautiful.

But a stranger ruined Greenwood’s day. Even though thousands of people comment on how cute Oliver is, it only takes one negative person to ruin the moment.

Someone made a cruel comment about Oliver’s appearance, which obviously isn’t true. This prompted Greenwood to speak publicly about the issue.

No place for hate
Greenwood took to social media to share her emotions after a disturbing interaction. A stranger walking down the street called the beautiful Oliver “damn ugly.” Greenwood was furious, but he didn’t want to make a scene. So instead, he told his online followers all about the horrible person.

“To this guy today – Oliver isn’t ‘damn ugly.’ But he’s a dog. And can not answer. Which made you look completely stupid. You are an absolute evil,” Greenwood said alongside an adorable picture of Oliver.

As a puppy, Oliver was attacked by an adult Labrador, as a result of which he lost his eye. He was a lonely puppy in a scrapyard. But Greenwood later brought him home because he thought he was handsome.

Greenwood’s post angered a lot of people around the world, but it also arose a lot of love. Many people said how much they adore Oliver.

Dozens of strangers also shared photos of their one-eyed dogs with Greenwood. Each dog is equally adorable!
Of course, no dog is ugly.

All of Greenwood’s loyal supporters reminded him of this in their kind comments. Luckily, for every cruel person, there are also dozens of people willing to support others and spread positive energy.

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