The mother dragged the baby bear to the girl so that she could help pull the splinter out of his paw.

This incredible story happened in summer. It was warm outside and the weather was fine. The birds had woken up early and woke everyone up with melodious singing.

The girl dressed and went for a walk to the lake, where it was especially beautiful in the morning. There was a very thin fog over the calm surface of the water, and there were still drops of morning dew on the grass.

Only one path led to the lake, and in order to reach it, one had to walk along the edge of the thicket of the forest, but this did not bother the girl, since it was especially pleasant to walk among the shady trees in the heat.

The girl often walked around this area when she came to visit her grandmother, but this time the walk was unusual – she met a mother bear with a cub. The girl was a little scared and clung to a tree nearby to wait until they pass the road.

But standing there, she noticed that the baby’s paw was in pain and there was a huge splinter, which they probably could not remove themselves, and the bear with all her appearance showed friendliness and a asked for help.

Then the girl took the baby bear in her arms and abruptly pulled the splinter out of her paw. The bear cub was a little hurt and he began to howl. The bear looked at the girl for a long time and left with her cub without touching her.

The girl said that many would not believe her story, but in her region, bears are not afraid of. Hunters are not found there, and people often bring food for bears, and they, in turn, show friendliness.


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