The missing dog returned home tired but happy with a touching note around his neck and the glory of a hero.

When the 12-year-old family pet disappeared for several hours, his owners immediately sounded the alarm. But the family was surprised when he returned in the evening with a touching note around his neck. Incredibly smart shepherd dog Louie has been living on his parents’ farm, Marolyn Driver, in New Zealand from an early age.

Already at a young age, Louis was a cheerful and curious puppy, full of energy, and loved to roam the farm and explore the surroundings. But when he grew up, his daily routine changed somewhat and he stayed at home more often.

That is why, when one day Louis disappeared from view for several hours, his owners were seriously worried. However, to everyone’s joy, in the evening the dog returned home with a strange note around his neck. He looked worn and dirty.

The family thought that perhaps someone offended their pet. But everyone calmed down when they read the handwritten note. The note was from their neighbor Rob, who wrote that the dog did a real heroic deed when he took him to his dog Maddy, who was stuck under a pile of branches.

Rob had a dog named Maddie. They soon learned what had happened to them. That day, Maddie also disappeared and Rob searched everywhere for her, but to no avail.

When he returned home, he met Louis, who barked and seemed to indicate that Rob should follow him. Rob, trusting Louis’ instinct, followed him and suddenly found the missing dog in the bushes. Louie started digging around helping Rob get his friend out.

Thanks to this brave dog, Maddie was saved. The two exhausted dogs quickly ran to a nearby pond, then jumped into the water and began to drink it.

Louis was so tired that day that he didn’t even eat and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

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