The men went fishing and accidentally heard a cry coming from the pit.

The two men went fishing, however, this time they ended up rescuing a frightened dog. There is no information about what kind of catch they had that day, but there is no doubt that they did a good deed.

They heard the animal whine plaintively while passing by the pit. At first, they looked down in confusion, trying to see something. However, it was very dark there and visibility was extremely poor. Getting the dog out was almost impossible.

Realizing that the situation was serious, they contacted the rescue service. Some time later a group of firefighters already arrived at the scene.

Workers estimated that the depth of the pit was at least four meters. Fortunately, they had all the necessary equipment with them and started rescuing the frightened animal, which began to bark and whine loudly.

Soon, a fireman went down and carefully tied the dog up and covered his muzzle with a mask for safety, as the animal could behave unpredictably under stress.

Luckily, the operation went well and the dog was very happy and immediately started wagging his tail.

The firefighters were also happy that they were able to help the animal and find the owner. Now the dog is at home, safe, and they decided to cover the hole with a large stone.

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