The man gave his shirt to a dog who felt cold

People have agreed that small gestures of kindness can make them feel more loved than excessive romantic gestures. That’s why it’s always nice to see kind-hearted people doing their best to help homeless animals who need a little help.

Fernando Gabriel and his brother Felipe were at the metro station recently when they spotted a distressed dog.

“He saw the dog shivering with cold,” Gabriel said. “It was the coldest day of the year.”

While his brother went to buy tickets, he walked over to the dog and realised he had to do something to help the shivering animal. So he took the shirt off his back and wrapped the shirt around the dog.

“I noticed my brother took the backpack off his back,” said Gabriel. “He took off his jacket and sweatshirt and put his shirt on the puppy, who was very cold. He did it spontaneously. It was very touching.”

Fernando quickly filmed the whole scene and shared it on social media, Felipe did not expect anyone to see this act of kindness, but his brother’s video caused a furor on the internet and people praised him as a hero. The brothers said that they later tried to return to the scene with the intention of taking the dog home with them, but unfortunately they could not find it.

Whatever happened, Felipe’s gesture made the dog feel loved, warm and comfortable. We are sure the dog was clearly grateful for the gift.

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