The man fought with an alligator who attacked his dog

The big alligator dragged the dog to the water. The owner had to fight against it to help his dog to survive.

The man was walking on his farm when a huge alligator caught his 6-years-old dog named Loki.

It caught the dog’s paw and pulled him to the water.

The man did not have another chance besides going to the water and fighting with it.

He hit his head. The alligator soon gets tired and leaves the poor animal there.

His dog was injured and needed surgery.

Doctors had to reconstruct its paw with metal plates. Let’s hope that he will walk again, said the man, I love my dog very much.

The crocodiles are most dangerous from April to Jule. This was a mating season that made them very dangerous.

After this, the man decided to set up a trap and catch it before it would attack anyone.

At that time the dog went into surgery and should get special treatment. The man was very careful with it and did everything necessary for the dog to be fully recovered.

The local wildlife control is also aware of the case and hopefully, they would take action to prevent such occasions.

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