The man built for his favorite cats houses. And you just look at these mansions

If we have already got a pet, then we do not regret anything for him. And people who love to create, do incredible things for them.

The hero of today’s article was an American Rob Kutu. He decided to make houses for his cats on his own. If you associate the phrase “houses for cats” with small booths, then what you will see now will surprise you very much.

After all, cats have real chic mansions, and even with a bridge between them!

I would like to note that Rob’s cats appreciated his efforts.

First, he designed a 3D model.

Then he assembled the body of the first house out of wood.

Of course, the construction was under the strict control of four-legged friends.

The floor in the house was made of a special coating, and Rob printed out the windows on a 3D printer.

Pay attention to the details, and how cute it is.

There are flower pots and even lanterns.

The second house turned out to be also very cool.

Here the future resident makes his adjustments.

And here’s what came out of it all.

If love for cats is measured by what you’re willing to do for them, then Rob is very passionate about his pets!

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