The little deer approached the baby and begged for help. The kid didn’t abandon the animal.

This tiny fawn had lost its mother deer and was wandering through the forest in search of her. So, he appeared in a village and went into the very first courtyard, where a girl was playing. The animal approached her very carefully, although it was frightened.

The little girl was incredibly happy for such a sweet, albeit unexpected guest. She began to carefully pet and caress it, so that the fawn wouldn’t be scared. And soon the deer got used to the girl and wasn’t afraid of her anymore.

It started following the girl, and the parents of the girl watched the new, unusual and very touching friendship from the window and filmed everything on camera. They went to the forest to look for its mother, but, unfortunately, they could not find her.

Some time later, the girl’s parents noticed two deer, a big one and a fawn, walking in the yard of their neighbors, and they are sure that they saw the same deer that found its mother.

And netizens admired the kindness and ability to help the animals at such a young age. The pretty girl in the company of a deer looked very touching and once again confirmed that children and animals get along well.

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