The lair was filling with water, and there were two cubs. The babies were trembling, crying and calling for help.

The little bear cubs were completely cold, they were scared, and the mother bear was not around. The animals were in the lair, and it began to fill with water. The kids cried and hoped that someone would come to their rescue.

And help came. Police officers with a kind heart came to the aid of the crumbs and pulled them out of the lair. Later, the cubs were taken to a safe place.

Often, bears come out of their lairs in the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood. Apparently, the same thing happened this time. The bear was gone, but it might have been somewhere nearby.

The police officers rescued the crumbs and took them to the department, where it was warm.

If people had not helped the cubs, we don’t known what would have happened to them the next day. But the veterinarian examined the cubs and said that they are absolutely healthy.

The cubs are very small, they are only a few months old, and live in the vicinity of the US state of Wisconsin.

The police officers who rescued the cubs even took them for a walk in the fresh air (exactly in the places where they were found), in the hope that their mother, having heard the whining of the cubs, would come after them. But the mother bear, for sure, was greatly frightened by the local dog, and it was for this reason, as the police suggested, that she did not return.

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