The kindest series of photos: love, tenderness and lots of hugs

In today’s world, things are not easy for everyone. We rarely pay attention to the simple things around us, we are less and less happy about the green leaves, the beautiful flowers, the birds around us, the pouring rain, the sun, etc. Money and prosperity come first and we try to make money and not miss out on opportunities…

Let’s stop for a moment and try to enjoy the very simple things that are always around and there is no need to chase after them at all. They are the hugs and smiles of your relatives, a flower in a pot that suddenly blooms, delicious tea on a walk, a favourite thing you accidentally found when you thought you’d lost it, a favourite cat or dog that will always give you its love no matter what… It’s all there, we already have it, you just have to stop…

Today we have prepared for you a kind and gentle selection of images that radiate a lot of love, tenderness and positivity.

When you are sick and you have tremendous support

You have to eat well in order to grow big!

If you sleep, it’s in the arms of the one you love

A brother’s shoulder is the strongest shoulder

The most loyal friend

That’s happiness.

Well, they are similar!

Saving a friend is what matters most



“It’s just that I’ve missed you so much…”

“I love holding your hand”

Always and everywhere together

How tender!

Life is wonderful!

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