The friendship of a dog and a wounded deer captivated netizens.

Zoe the dog lives in the American city of Nashville, and has replaced the mother of the baby deer. A musician named Pat Pollifrone discovered a fawn that wandered into his yard. First, the animal was taken back to the forest, but the next day he again came to the man’s yard.

The fawn was named Bambi and Zoe’s dog immediately became interested in the newcomer guest. Pat posted online pictures of the dog and the deer cuddling.

At first, the musician wanted to find a temporary shelter for her, but it turned out that the city’s shelters did not accept deer. Therefore, he was forced to keep Bambi in his yard until he recovered, grew up and got stronger.

If he wants to return to his natural habitat, then there are no obstacles for this, the man notes, but if he has already become tame and prefers to live on with his friend Zoe, then he will continue to keep him, that’s just not clear how he will create conditions for an already adult deer, but he is sure that he will manage to.

And what do you think, will the deer want to return to the forest, his natural home, or will he still prefer the company of Pat Pollifrone and Zoe? Write your opinion in the comments, and we will follow the developments.


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