The female goose was so worried about her boyfriend, that she came to hospital to see him.

A wild animal rescue organization in America took a male wild goose in need of urgent surgical care. Later it turned out that not only volunteers are worried about the state of health of the bird.

Then the volunteers found out that the goose has a girlfriend, who, in some miraculous way, found out where the clinic was located, where her chosen one was taken.

And so the goose named Arnold (as the volunteers called him) began his treatment. The staff shared that as soon as the goose was prepared for surgery, there was a strange cry that sounded like a knock on the door. It was there that they found the female goose, which was already waiting on the balcony and was trying to get inside with all sorts of tricks. Moreover, most of all the employees were thinking about how the goose managed to get here.

She was allowed to observe the operation at the door, she stood and supported her boyfriend throughout the operation.

After the treatment was completed, they were allowed to communicate through the window. For almost 15 days, she came on a date to her beloved goose.

After staying in the clinic for a certain time, the bird flew away into the wild, and we can only hope that this loving couple is still together and the faithful goose gave birth to many goslings for him. As you can see, the ability to be miss each other and empathize is also inherent in birds, although many experts consider them to be the simplest creatures, incapable of any feelings.

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