The family’s favorite winter-loving dog’s life was coming to an end and they made a snowy mountain in the summer so she could play one last time.

An adorable dog named Maggie was diagnosed with cancer too late.

Knowing that their pet would not survive the winter, the owners, Elijah Lee Salzgaber and his wife Marianne, decided to let her enjoy the snow for the last time, as it was his favorite pastime, except that snowy winters in warm Utah happen once in a blue moon.

He wrote a Facebook post in which he shared his situation and asked for help with renting a snow making machine.

With its help, the man hoped to create an artificial snowdrift for Maggie, in which his dog could lie.

This entertainment was to be the last in Maggie’s life, as they decided to euthanize the seriously ill dog in order to save her from further inevitable suffering.

The man’s post on the social network immediately attracted the attention of users. And so, thanks to a huge number of reposts, he managed to reach the employees of the Salt Lake City Ice Center in Utah, who expressed their readiness to assist Maggie’s family.

They delivered several containers of snow.

Elijah picked them up and took them to his backyard, where he threw a little winter party for Maggie.

Maggie passed away on the same day. The owners of the dog purposefully arranged a fun entertainment on the last day so that their dog went to a better world with positive memories.

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