The dog was left by its owners in an unfamiliar place, but happiness came unexpectedly

There was a time when this magnificent puppy had its own cozy home and owners who seemed to think of her as a treasured pet.

However, there are irresponsible people who regard animals as living toys rather than creatures capable of feeling and understanding, who develop attachment and feel bad when left behind.

This doggy had owners, who, as far as we could tell, belonged to the abovementioned group of people, and so they simply dumped her beside a landfill’s waste pile. She walked for a long time from one street to the next.

The guys who went on vacation spotted her, so it turned out to be the appropriate decision.

The dog was overjoyed to see them and ran up to them, curling around them and wagging its tail.

She remained just as friendly after a long period of not communicating with anyone.

The young people were moved by her plight and carried her to the city with them, where they were transported to a local shelter. She has a new home where she is surrounded by love and attention.

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