The doctor set up a shelter where he rescues wild animals from zoos and circuses

In this article we will briefly introduce you to Karen Dallakian, a veterinarian with a huge heart and a kind soul.

He spent many years rescuing and caring for wild animals.

He deserves the title of “hero” and people like him should serve as role models.

On the site of the former laboratory, Dallakian and his family created a nature reserve for birds and animals.

Tiger cub Zhu was the first animal brought to him for treatment.

Despite his state of health, Karen managed to rescue it and keep it alive in the shelter because the zoo owners did not need the tiger cub.

To provide the animals with the best possible conditions, the man built large enclosures on land adjacent to the building.

After the tiger cub was released into the wild, the man got a few more animals that he and his wife began to treat, as well as a significant group of volunteers now helping Karen.

As the cost of providing food, medicine and care for the animals is quite high, the shelter receives financial support from kind people.

We need heroes like Karen these days.

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