The cat herself chose an owner and “persuaded” the shelter worker to bring her home.

The shelter employee had seen hundreds of animals in need of help, but always tried to separate personal life and work. But the pretty cat Sugar made him forget about his principles.

There is an opinion that we do not choose a pet, but they chooses us. One such story happened to a chatty kitten named Sugar who convinced a shelter worker that she was exactly what he needed.

Glenn has worked for 30 years with the animal welfare organization Exploits Valley SPCA and has dealt with hundreds of homeless, orphaned and abandoned cats and dogs. He did his best  to help them, but never brought them home, realizing that “you can’t warm everyone up.”

But Sugar was an exception. A cute gray kitten met Glenn every day with meows and loud growls, demanding the attention of a loved one.

He got his nickname for a reason: he was the cutest, most affectionate animal in the whole shelter, and, of course, Glenn quickly became attached to him. Although the man already had a pet and was not planning on getting another, his heart skipped a beat and he offered Sugar his home.

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