The cat continues to go to the police, so they built a cozy house for it.

The Boston PD decides to build a home for an adorable kitten who frequents the barracks.

For several years, the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team in the United States made friends with a stray kitten who constantly visited the barracks until they decided to move him into his new home. The officers named her Cat Special Forces, and since then they have always been on the lookout for her needs.

Soon, the SWAT team fell head over heels in love with their new cat. SWAT Cat was always ready to greet them when they returned from duty and liked to snuggle up to them when they sat outside the barracks.

Of course, the team is always trying to keep their kitten healthy and safe. Despite the care and love they gave him, at first they could not do one thing – make the SWAT cat a house cat.

One day, the barracks kitten disappeared for several days, prompting the team to make a post on the department’s Facebook page. Teammates were very worried about the fate of their beloved kitten.

SWAT officer said, “She became a member of the family. And it’s sad, she’s not here. It’s like going to work and not seeing your favorite colleague.”

Luckily, the cat returned to the barracks on her own a few days later. The team decided to do something special for their beloved kitty, so they started building a tiny house to fit her outdoor lifestyle.

The result was incredible. The SWAT cat’s new home was amazing and now her private apartment showcased the cat’s place in the hearts of these cops.

In another Facebook post, the agency wrote, “Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, stayed up for several nights after work to painstakingly prepare a SWAT cat’s new home. The condominium features a spacious studio, a large terrace for open-air dinners and sliding glass doors that offer panoramic city views.”

Luckily, SWAT Cat loved her new home, she was genuinely happy and curiously wandered through every space created especially for her comfort; the new house was very stylish.

The police department also wrote, “Swat Cat moved in immediately and seems to be very happy with her new personalized cat home.”

Of course, her teammates would love to see SWAT Cat put her free spirit days behind her and choose the comfort and safety of life beside them,, but they are happy to have her around and take care of her as best they can.

It is still a great achievement for the team to know that they now have their own cat house and that SWAT Cat truly appreciates it.

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