The baby’s in shock after eating her first bite of ice cream

A small child tastes ice cream for the first time, which causes a viral sensation. Her parents are with her in front of the “Baskin Robbins” where they let her try a sweet treat.

First, the baby’s hands are on the sides when she leans over to the ice cream cone while her father is holding her. As soon as the ice cream gets into her mouth, the baby’s eyes pop out of their sockets.

She looks at the cone and grabs it with both hands. Her tiny fingers dip into the ice cream cone at the top of the horn, and she doesn’t let go.

Her father and mother tell her to let go, but they can’t hold back their laughter. She winces her face and takes another bite due to the cold ice cream.

But she powers through and gets more and more ice cream than her parents bargained for. She clings to the ice cream and opens it wide for more. There’s no way her parents are getting that cone away from her.

With over 3 million views, this baby’s gone viral. You can’t help but laugh when you watch it over and over. We all know the feeling of joy that ice cream can bring.

Watching a baby try ice cream for the first time is pure joy. This is the moment we all experienced at one point in our lives. The day she fell in love with ice cream!

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