The baby elephant was delighted to see the guard nearby. He ran up to him and cheerfully greeted him

No one can deny that life is better with friends. Having someone with whom you can share both the good and the bad is priceless. And, after all, friendships don’t care about race, let alone the age of the friends.

We’ve seen this countless times: animals (including wild animals) and humans become best friends and share a bond that seems to be beyond logic.

The baby elephant in the photo and its human caretaker have a special relationship with each other that has made the internet fall in love with them forever.

Judging by the brief description of their YouTube clip, this type of interaction between them is quite common. This means that the elephant not only fully trusts its human guardian, but also feels a deeper connection with him.

It’s always great to see a human and animal share a moment of love, so take a second to share this wonderful interaction with all your friends and family.

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