Thanks to his dog, an elderly man is reunited with his long-lost siblings after more than two decades

This man brought a stray puppy named Milly with him. The guy was able to reconcile with his family, due to the dog’s abilities. The dog got well-known for gathering rubbish while out walking and depositing it in the trash can.

As a result, the four-legged often became the news’s heroine, assisting the man in locating his siblings. It is known that the man moved to Spain in the early 2000s. However, after moving, he was unable to locate any of his family’s contact information.

‘All of us were born and raised together, but then I moved to Spain, and my brother and sister moved as well. As a result, our paths just diverged. My wife became unwell and I had to return to England 18 months ago.

‘However, I just recently discovered that my sister had been looking for me all along,’ recalled the guy. When the guy’s sister’s husband was watching the dog story, he noticed the man.

This aided in locating the home address of a long-lost brother. ‘I came home one day and noticed my sister there. It was nothing short of a miracle. Then she got in touch with my brother.

‘Last week, the three of us finally met and strolled with her,’ the guy stated.

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