Smarter than Einstein: 4-year-old girl recognised as youngest genius in history

In the digital age, babies with unusual abilities have become increasingly common.

In an ordinary British family, a girl was born who, from an early age, managed to earn the title of the smartest little girl on the planet.

Alana George’s parents say that their daughter became interested in numbers and letters almost from birth.

The fact that the girl is completely extraordinary, the girl’s mother realized after she began to pronounce words at the age of 7 months.

Six months later, Alana could speak in single sentences, and by the age of three the couple’s daughter could read without help, although she had not been taught to do so.

To understand how far their daughter was ahead of her peers in her intellectual abilities, Alana’s parents decided to seek professional help.

How surprised the couple were when they were told that their 4-year-old daughter was more than 3 years ahead of her peers in development.

Alana now talks like a seven-year-old.

The experts who conducted the tests were just as surprised as the parents, as the girl’s IQ score was a record 140.

Alana George almost immediately became one of the youngest members of Mensa, a world-renowned organisation of people with high IQs..

“She is so small, but she can’t imagine her life without learning.

We were even frightened when we found out how clever she was.

She is undoubtedly special, but we still don’t realise how much potential she has,” explained the girl’s mother.

In order to support their daughter and give her a decent education, her parents sent her to one of the best schools in France.

Many members of the royal family used to study at this institution.

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