Shelter dog cries when he recognizes the man standing in front of him.

Animals are open, they are alien to hidden motives. They respond to goodness with loyalty, and to evil with alienation. And only in special cases this axiom fails.

Roscoe came to the Washington shelter as a puppy. Despite the concern from the workers, he behaved in an unusual way, did not make contact with people and was always sad. This led the volunteers to wonder if he had had a loving family in the past. Not hoping for anything, caring people shared a post about him on social networks. Who knows, the former owner might receive news.

A miracle happened. Very soon, a farmer called the shelter, saying that his pet had gone missing three years ago. He was searching it for a long time, looking through all the possible ads. But the doggy never showed up. The man was invited to the institution so that he could make sure that it was his friend, who was spending his days so sadly.

When the farmer showed up, no proof was required. As soon as Roscoe smelled him, he became agitated and rushed to the man, joyfully wagging his tail. The dog could not restrain himself and began to cry, because the wait had finally come to an end.

The owner took away his pet Rant – that’s his real name – and now there is no trace of the pet’s former restraint.


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