Russian bear Styopa was adopted 23 years ago and still lives with his owners.

Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko are, at first glance, the most common Russian couple, but not everything is so simple. The couple decided to take a desperate step – they live with a huge bear, whose weight is 135 kilos. The couple adopted the bear when he was only three months old and he still lives with them and, as Svetlana says, he even helps her around the house.

We can say that the Panteleenko family corresponds to all the stereotypes about the Russian family. Their house is wooden and surrounded by a birch grove, they like to drink tea from a samovar in the company of a real bear.

The height of the bear standing on its hind legs is 2 meters 13 cm, but it is already so tame that every evening it sits next to its owners on the sofa and watches TV with them. The family assures that his help in the household is invaluable, especially in summer, when he waters the garden beds very diligently.

Many claim that the couple deprived the bear of his freedom and it would be better to let him go to his natural habitat, but Svetlana and Yuri claim that in the wild he would no longer be able to adapt and survive.

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