Rescue dogs were depressed until they made friends with a baby rat.

We are sure that animals of various species can be friends. Sometimes it seems completely illogical, but the heart wants what it wants. And this story of ours is clear proof of that. Three-year-old shepherd dog Osiris, who was professionally trained as a rescuer and therapist, did not want to be friends with anyone until Riff the rat came into his life.

Osiris met Riff as the latter was a newborn, still blind. They would feed him from a pipette and constantly take care of him. And seeing all the care towards the little rat, the dog apparently remembered his childhood. After all, the owners had found him as a newborn puppy, who was left to freeze in the parking lot. Osiris realized that this animal faced the same problem and decided to share his grief.

Osiris had participated in the therapy of both people and other animals on many occasions. He met with patients on schedule, but this time he wanted to help not because it was his duty, but because that’s what his heart wanted.

Riff is a decorative rat. That is to say, he will always be large and it may well fit in the mouth of his friend. By the way, the dog uses a completely pedagogical approach in raising his little pet. He is strict with him and never indulges him, but protects from possible troubles.

One only has to look at them to understand that they are friends forever.

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