Mum of 13 babies: why an 18-year-old girl has become the mother of many babies

Katie grew up in an ordinary family in Nashville, Tennessee. At 18, she became prom queen, her parents gifted her a yellow convertible car. The girl dressed in fashionable boutiques and was in a relationship with a popular guy. Yes, that’s how every girl would like to live.

Parents had high hopes for their daughter, expecting Katie to go to college. But Katie decided to do things her own way. After school, she went on a charity mission to the Republic of Uganda. Her mission was for a year. But in the end the young altruist stayed in the Republic for good. There Katie set up her own organisation, Amazima, which aims to help and educate the people of the Republic.

In Uganda, Katie, like many unmarried girls, was allowed to adopt children. She gladly took this opportunity because the girl wanted to make at least one unhappy child in that country happy. But she ended up adopting 13 girls.

The girl confessed that they helped her to understand what love and spiritual harmony are.

“Now I understand how every foster parent feels when they see their future child for the first time. After all, it is a gift that is only given from above,” says the girl.

During her few years in Uganda, the girl changed not only in appearance but also inwardly. She was able to meet a great guy, Benji Majors, who shared her views. In 2015, the couple decided to get married.

Of course, every girl wants her closest people to be with her on her wedding day. And this girl was lucky because she had special guests with her on the day – 13 adopted daughters who were able to share all the joy of this unforgettable day with her.

“I am glad that Benji and the girls have come into my life. I feel like God sent them to me. Every time I see the girls rejoice and call him ‘Daddy’, I know I am doing everything right. And somewhere up there, God is looking down on us with a blessing,” Katie shared.

This touching photograph shows the essence of true love, incredible devotion and the heroine’s deepest selflessness. A year after the wedding, the couple had a baby boy, whom they named Noah. The happy family now lives in a small house in the village of Jinja near Lake Victoria.

By day she is busy with her children because Katie has 13 daughters and one son, Noah. In the evenings she deals with administrative matters relating to the charity.

The 22-year-old mother of 14 children has published her own book, A Kiss from Katie, which has been voted a bestseller by the famous New York Times. The family income is low, but for Katie money is not the main thing now. In the end, her happiness lies in her love for her children and husband. This story is a perfect example of incredible selflessness, sincere love and devotion.

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