Miracle of technology: blind mother saw her newborn baby

Kathy Bates has not seen daylight for 11 years. She became blind as a child as a result of a rare eye disease. Katie recently became a mum and, thanks to the unique modern technology of eSight electronic glasses, she was able to see her newborn baby. There was no end to Kathy’s joy! It is worth mentioning that this is not only the first time that the loving mother has seen her baby, but it is the first time that she has ever held and examined her baby. One can only imagine how she felt in that unforgettable moment.

Kathy couldn’t get enough of her son’s long fingers, which she said looked just like his father’s. And his little mouth, which, as the young mother managed to notice, looked very much like her own. But after Kathy examined her son’s little body from head to toe, she acknowledged that her darling baby had inherited the best of both mum and dad.

Kathy also watched as her husband held their baby in his arms. She admits that it is difficult to convey all the feelings that overwhelmed her at that moment. Kathy is right, that touching moment is simply impossible to describe in words.

Sister of Bates hopes that modern technology will also help Kathy witness her son’s growth. Personally, I couldn’t hold back tears. The good news is that ingenious inventions like eSight give blind people the opportunity to discover what happiness it is to just see. I wish such discoveries could be made available to ordinary people. Show this touching moment to your friends.

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