Meet this Napoleon cat with an unusually luxurious tail, that reminds of a squirrel.

Meet the incredible beauty named Belle. She was born with a luxurious, magnificent tail, which is difficult to resist and not touch. Belle’s owner also keeps other pets and Belle grows up surrounded by cats and puppies.

But Belle stands out from the other pets. There is a feeling that this is an unusual cross between a squirrel and a cat – be careful not to mix them up!

Most of all, our Belle loves to hide in cardboard boxes, and it was there that the owner arranged a place for her to relax. In a cozy nest, she is warm and well, and she can stay in it for a long time. She is so charming that you want to pet this ball of wool even through the screen.

Our beautiful heroine was born in Japan and now she is three years old. It belongs to the Napoleon breed, which are quite rare, and such tails are almost never found at all. Breeders started breeding Napoleonic cats relatively recently, they are a cross between a Persian cat and a Munchkin.

They are characterized by short legs, but despite this feature, they are far from clumsy. They jump and run with great, true feline agility. These beauties, who are gaining popularity in Japan, are completely unable to adapt to life on the street.

These gentle creatures will simply not survive, they will become victims of other cats, not to mention dogs.

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