Man who left his wife after 47 years of marriage kneels for forgiveness a few months later: story of the day

A wife taught her husband a harsh lesson after he left her for a young brunette.

“Divorce!? John, tell me you’re not serious! And what did you say? Do you want a fair share?” – Nicki asked, fidgeting uncertainly in her chair after her husband announced that he was “tired” of his monotonous life and wanted to live the life of a free man.

John smiled. “Oh, Nicki! Not that you didn’t see it coming. Come on. We both know there’s nothing more between us. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to live like a free man. And I’ll find someone beautiful and gorgeous… the complete opposite of you! So, yes, I’m going to get a divorce.”

“And you think I’d let you off the hook that easily? You’re dreaming, John!” – Nicki resented. “You want to live like a free man, don’t you? Well, guess what? I won’t sign the divorce papers and you won’t get a penny, let alone a share of the property!”

” You can’t do that, Nicki! If you don’t sign the papers of your own free will, I’ll make you!”

Nicky laughed. “Oh, poor Johnny! What are you going to do? Bring home a lover? These young girls you’re playing with? They won’t clean and cook for you like I do. That’s enough, John! I’ve taken care of you for 47 years. ! I raised our kids on my own while you slept on the couch in the living room after work, drinking beer and hanging out with your friends. And you think you can get away with that? Never!”

“Well,” John paused, looking at his watch. “I’m leaving on a trip to Mexico in an hour. And I think I’ll be gone for six months. I’ve pre-ordered, and, well, I’ve used almost all the savings we had in our joint account.”

” We’ll see if you divorce voluntarily or keep fighting to make ends meet and beg me for money. After all, what would a housewife like you do if she had no money? Have fun, darling,” he said, mocking her. “I can’t wait to be in Mexico!”

“What? How the hell did you… that was my savings too, John! How dare you use it without telling me?”

“I knew what you were going to say about the divorce, Nicki. And that’s how I planned it!”

With those words John went to their room, gathered his belongings and left the house, leaving Nicki’s divorce documents in the house. “If you don’t want your life to turn to hell, then sign the papers as soon as possible!” – he added before he left.

Nicki cried when she saw John leave. Of course, John was not the best spouse, but she had only recently learned that he had had affairs with women much younger than him, who wanted nothing serious but one-night stands. So, he tried to get rid of her and divorce her.

But Nicki didn’t want a divorce. After their son and daughter left, she only had John by her side. And so, even when she found out about his cheating, she kept quiet, thinking that things would get better. But alas, it didn’t, as John finally announced that he wanted to divorce her. However, she decided she wasn’t going to get away with it. “Not this time, John! You won’t get away with it!”

Three months later…

Nicki was sitting in the living room, drinking raspberry tea, chewing chocolate biscuits and looking at her watch when she heard the doorbell ring. She was very surprised to see John on the doorstep. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in Mexico?”

“Oh, Nicki! “Please forgive me. I was wrong to leave you. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Nicky was stunned. “John, what’s going on? Okay, calm down. Let’s go inside and talk, okay?”

“Oh, Nicki! Where to begin? I met this young girl, Maddison,” he began as soon as they sat down. “She was beautiful, and I thought she loved me. We spent two months together in Mexico… But she was a con artist! She stole from me! She took all my money and everything! She asked me to do everything for her, including cooking and cleaning. She had two kids and I even supported them because I felt she loved me.

We never slept together because every time her children came into the room, she would find an excuse to leave with them. She said she would marry me, but she didn’t… she – all she wanted was my money!”

“Oh my God!” – exhaled Nicki. “It’s horrible… terrible… You know what…” She started to speak when the doorbell rang.

“Just a moment, John. Let me see who’s there,” Nicki said, heading for the door.

“Who is it, Nicki… What… what are you doing here?” John was shocked when he noticed Maddison on their porch. ” Nicki! It’s her! She’s the one who ripped me off!”

The two women looked at each other and laughed.

“All right, John! I know all about it. This is Mandy, or as you put it, Maddison. She’s the daughter of a friend of mine. A single mother of two who helped me gather evidence against my husband. I told you, John, you’d be sorry. I’m the one who tracked down the hotel you were staying at using Facebook and asked Maddison to help me.”

“What? “John got angry. “You did all this on purpose?! You’re going to regret this, Nicki! You’re going to regret it!”

“No, John,” Nicki shouted. ‘You’re going to lose this time. Get your bags and get out of my house immediately! And yes, I’m filing for divorce, you jerk! And I’m gonna make sure you don’t get a penny! So up! And go! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”

John picked up his luggage and left the house muttering something, but Nicki didn’t care. She thanked Mandy for her help and the two women had a nice cup of raspberry tea, laughing at the success of their plan.

A few months later, John and Nicki divorced, and when their children found out what had happened, they sided with their mother and ridiculed their father for lowering himself to such an extent.

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