Man and dog die within hours of each other

The story is about a man and his dog who lived and died together.

The dog named Midge died the other day with his owner.

These K9 dogs are not just only animals but trained workers as well. And they all treat them as co-workers.

Their presence is very essential during the investigations and operations.

The man named Sheriff Dan served a very long time with his little friend. They both retired in 2016.

After some years the man died when he was 67 years old.

But no one could imagine that the dog would die after several hours from the man’s grief. Everyone was shocked by hearing about the dog’s death.

And this story became famous as they had a unique connection. The dog did not want to continue living without his best friend. He could not imagine life without his friend and co-worker.

So, they became a popular pair. Everyone started to talk about their strong connection after their death. This was an amazing thing. Although this is a sad story, when you realize how connected they were you will smile again.

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