Luck finally smiled at a homeless dog that lived in a scrap-heap.

Like people, animals also have different characters and fates.

Bertha was a very noble dog. This large dog with a thick woolen mongrel, would take care of several other homeless dogs. When they were fed by caring people, she would let them eat firs. And finally, she got lucky.

This winter has been cold, with plenty of frost, snowstorms and freezing rain. Judging by her appearance, Bertha is a mixture of a sheepdog and a mongrel, she has soft curly hair and a fluffy tail. Every evening she waited for her do-gooders, who fed her. Of course, stray dogs were not treated very well in the area, they were afraid of and chased away, but not all of them.

Bertha is a very kind and grateful dog. Despite her impressive appearance, she is very affectionate. At the sight of a girl who always brought her food, she would jump up and run to “hug”. The volunteer’s plans were to accommodate all the stray dogs in the area, but unfortunately, there was no place in the shelter. All the girl could help with was food, kindness and affection. Other dogs were no less grateful, but unlike Bertha, they did not come close.

One morning, when she went out to feed the dogs, the girl saw Berta and her heart sank … The dog was so unhappy, with wet fur all wet and frozen, with puddles all around and snow coming from above.

The girl could not leave the dog on the street. She began to persuade Bertha to go to the entrance from which the dog had always been thrown out. She did not have a collar and it was quite difficult for the girl to persuade a 30-kilogram animal to follow her.

Given that the dog was able to trust the man and went inside in the end. The girl’s mother was, to put it mildly, shocked at the sight of the dog. Berta seemed to feel and tried her best to please the woman. She performed a simple trick “Give me a paw” with joy and squinted with pleasure when scratched behind her ear.

Overwhelmed by the affection and warmth, Berta was not even in a hurry to eat. They washed and dried, and allowed to sit on a chair near the radiator, covered with a blanket.

Then, this tired, but extremely happy dog fell asleep, hugging the first toy in her life.

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