Jim and Jimbo. The friendship of a man and a bear, tested by time.

Spouses Jim and Susan Kochwalchik live in the suburbs of New York. They are already quite old and for a long life together they did not have any heirs, however, they are very fond of animals, especially wild animals that need help.

The couple have a private animal shelter and it has nothing to do with the zoo, where the animals are the actual captives for enrichment. The shelter has been operating for three decades and it operates at the expense of philanthropists.

Compassionate people bring animals that have been injured or left orphans. At the moment, eleven bears live in the shelter, as well as squirrels, deer, horses.

All animals are treated, fed and provided with comfortable conditions. Most of them will stay there forever, as they are unlikely to survive in the wild. So, the brown bear came to Jim and Susan as a baby.

He was born in the city zoo, but the mother abandoned the cub, which, on top of everything, had a wound on its paws that did not want to heal. The zoo wanted to euthanize the unnecessary animal, but just in case, they found someone to hand him over.

That is how he got to the Kovalchiks. The baby was named Jimbo. He was very accustomed to his owners and at any opportunity asked for hugs. Over time, the bear grew and became simply huge. Its weight was seven centners.

Jimbo’s favorite treats were red meat, honey, and he also liked to eat ice cream.

Unfortunately, Jimbo passed away three years ago, but he lived a long and happy life, surrounded by love and care.

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