It’s a miracle: a newborn baby brought the mother back to life: how it happened

The mysterious connection between mother and child can make wonders. This proves the case that occurred in one of the maternity hospitals in the United States. A young woman named Shelley went through difficult labor that ended in an emergency cesarean section. Her baby Raylan was born healthy, but trouble happened to the woman in labor – she fell into a coma.

The husband of the woman in labor desperately asked the doctors to make sure that the mother of his newborn child woke up. But the doctors just shrugged – they could not help the woman and said that you just need to wait. Two hours passed, but Shelly did not come out of a coma.

And then one of the nurses said: “What if you put the baby on the mother’s chest? The bond between mother and child is very strong!
Perhaps this will help her come to her senses.

The doctors listened to the nurse’s advice and brought baby Rylan to Shelly’s room. They put the girl on her mother’s chest and waited. Rylan almost immediately began to cry and after that something unimaginable happened.

The woman opened her eyes and began to breathe on her own. A few days later, the young mother was already talking and holding her little savior in her arms.

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