In the middle of the road, a kind man noticed a deer, who hardly had any signs of life

A volunteer of one animal protection organization was driving along the highway and suddenly, right at the side of the road, he saw a shot deer. He was sure that after this incident, the animal had passed away, however, looking closely, he saw a pregnant female, who was in her terminal stages of pregnancy. The volunteer had surgical instruments with him and he took a desperate step, although he thought for a couple of minutes, weighing all the pros and cons, but there was nothing to lose.

He had taken veterinary courses, so the operation was within his power. The doe was carrying a deer in her womb, which was immediately taken to a rehabilitation center. The baby had little chance, but a big will to live.

He fought for his right to life with all his might. They fed the baby from a bottle and very soon he stood on still weak legs. Now the baby is not yet strong, there is a long way to recovery and education, so that later the deer can easily return to his natural habitat, to the wild.

Apparently, our baby was born under a lucky star, since his chances of not only surviving, but just being born were equal to zero. We really hope that he will have a speedy recovery and he will be able to fully adapt to life in the forest, like his other tribesmen.

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