In memory of her beloved puppy, a woman makes the cutest tattoo

This woman and her beloved dog were inseparable partners for six long and joyful years. The adorable dog never failed to make his owner smile despite all of life’s difficulties;

Among the various ways, he’d express his affection was the following charming gesture.

The dog would appear at the appropriate moment and wrap his small paws around the woman’s arm. However, as enjoyable as their time together was, it couldn’t stay forever.

Unfortunately, the dog passed in October of last year. The woman was devastated to be separated from her pet dog. But, in the middle of her anguish, she made the puppy stay with her.

‘I wanted something that will always be with me, no matter what,’ she explained.

And a tattoo felt just right. She picked a pattern that reflected the dog’s favorite pose. Just as he would embrace his master in life, he now did so in spirit.

‘Now, whenever I look down, it’s as though he’s cuddling me,’ she explained.
He may be gone, but he is still making his mother happy when she needs it the most.

Nowadays, he lives on in the hearts of others thanks to that tattoo in his honor.

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