In a moment of sadness, the girl took a lonely dog into the house, and it brought her happiness

A dog named Rusty was left without a home and a roof over his head. Orphaned, destitute… He lived alone and then ended up in a shelter located in Deming (New Mexico).

Like many other inhabitants, he was there for some time. Rusty wasn’t hungry, he had toys, and there were always four-legged friends nearby to play with. And yet, without an owner and a house, the dog was unfortunate, although he did not always show it.

And at that time there was a girl living in Deming. So it happened, she just started a streak of failures in her life, and a difficult moment came. Apparently, to somehow cheer herself up and brighten up the painful everyday life, the girl decided to take a dog from the shelter. Rusty turned out to be the same dog that won the heart of the future owner.

The pet was entrusted with a responsible mission – to do everything possible to bring happiness to the owner. And he coped with it just fine! Friendly Rusty really helped the girl, pulling her out of her sadness. The woman admits that he changed her life for the better!

The owner, however, already had a dog, but the pet made great friends with a new family member. Together they play and run, splash in ponds, and travel. Rusty just loves to drive in a car and always sits in the front seat to watch the scenery from the car window.

And the dog is also a noble beggar. The owner says that sometimes he makes such eyes that it is simply impossible to refuse him anything. In such cases, Rusty usually begs for food and certainly gets some yummy!

By the way, recently there was also a sister in the house – a small shaggy dog, who now also lives next to Rusty. The good dog took it quite friendly, and the four-legged company is not bored, coming up with fun games and entertainment for themselves!

Well, Rusty is really lucky that he has a home, and the loneliness and the walls of the shelter are left behind!

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