How people chased away a small dog that just wanted to warm up.

As everyone knows, we have a lot of homeless dogs and cats. Many of them are very kind, but still they do not have owners. One of these dogs is little Leona. She is a little over 3 years old and lives on the street, as she does not have a home. There are two options, either she was born on the street, or she was abandoned. No one knows how and under what conditions she actually got on the street.

Like any animal, finding itself in such conditions, Leona began to actively look for a warmer place where she could spend the night. But people basically shooed the dog away, and she had to look for a new place. Sometimes people gave the dog food, that’s how the she survived. Soon she managed to find a place where not only people did not shoo her away, they also loved and fed her.

It was there that Leona gave birth to puppies. She loved them very much, but the neighboring people were not at all happy that now Leona did not live there alone. One of the puppies did not survive in harsh conditions.

One of those two puppies disappeared, it is not clear where exactly. The second was adopted by kind people in the neighborhood. The dog was left alone on the street again. Then kind people gave the puppy to a shelter. She had health problems and was helped with treatment at the shelter, while the dog remained there. Unfortunately, the dog has not yet found a family and is still waiting for luck to smile at her.

The dog has always loved people, she is very kind and friendly. Therefore, we think that she will soon find herself a loving family.

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