Guaranteed good mood: 12 photos of very cute and really funny dogs.

A few hilarious animal photos can help lighten up a tough day. After all, not only beauty helps to save the world, but also these charming creatures.

We have prepared for you pictures of funny dogs that will make you smile and fill your day with joy.

When your friend loves to stand out.

The snow melted, the socks appeared.

“Need to be at the airport in half an hour? No problem, we’ll make it!”

Well-well, sat on his head and hung the paws …

A sausage in the sun.

These glasses are very popular this season!

And this dog loves keys very much, so the owners made a copy for him.

When you grew up but don’t admit it at all.

Nap time.

Two peas in a pod.

No, I’m not overeating.

The dog we should beware of, (as it’s mentioned on the sign), is found.


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