Golden Retriever saved a little kitten, brought him home and began to take care of him.

A little homeless kitten had already lost all hope of finding a home and a family, when suddenly a golden retriever came to his aid!

Today we share  an amazing story about two cute animals that touched the hearts of many netizens.

This is surely not for the faint of heart – a huge dog carries a weak and helpless kitten in his mouth. But in the end, he brings the baby to the owner’s house, and they never refuse to help him.

The photo below shows how people bottle feed the kitten and how pretty he becomes after he being bathed, warmed up and fed.

Over time, the cat and the dog became very friendly and now they spend all the time together – they play, bathe, eat and hug each other – this is the most beautiful sight that every viewer would definitely like.

Who would have thought that an unfortunate stray kitten would find a rescuer and friend in a dog? Although dogs and cats are often depicted as enemies in movies and books, their relationship is actually the opposite, and this photo is proof of that.

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