Girl who was bullied and teased as a child grew up to become a highly paid model

Perhaps in everyone’s life, childhood is the most wonderful and happy period of life which, as they grow older, evokes such a trembling sense of longing. But unfortunately, not everyone had it equally smooth and wonderful. There are kids whose time was filled with fears, anxieties and depressions that leave a huge mark on their souls for life.

The heroine of today’s article refers to a baby girl who wants to have her childhood memories removed. The fact is that the girl was born with a strange face, sort of flattened. Ilka Brühl’s school years were filled with continuous suffering, ridicule and humiliation.

She has never had any friends or boyfriends and is full of complexes and doubts. Over time, the girl underwent plastic surgery, but it didn’t make much difference to her appearance. The congenital defects in her face were difficult to correct. One day a photographer friend suggested she pose, and the young girl agreed, not realising what it would entail.

And this led to success on the Internet, with many users being delighted with the girl’s appearance. Advertising agencies were also interested in the unusual girl, and Ilka received several offers of cooperation. Thus, a happy accident turned the “ugly duckling” into a popular model.

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