Girl surprises stepfather on his birthday by asking him to adopt her

A teenage girl gave one of the most memorable gifts to a man she has known for fifteen years. Although they have lived together for as long as she can remember, Sarah asked her stepfather to adopt her when he turned 39.

The family is one of the most important relationships ever created. Although many believe that a person should prioritise their biological family, this concept of family has evolved over the years.

In 2017, a 17-year-old girl from Rensselaer, Indiana, wanted to give her stepfather a fantastic birthday present. The young woman came up with something unique to show her love for him – she wanted to call him Daddy, something she had never said.

On the day Sarah’s stepfather, Vince von Tobel, turned 39, she presented him with a gift wrapped in traditional wrapping paper. According to the teenager, they sat on separate chairs, at arm’s length, while the birthday man unwrapped the gift in a large box.

He was unaware of the contents, and von Tobel was surprised by the gift. However, this did not stop him from opening the present with the adoption papers.

He was touched and could not hide his emotions. He smiled and tears of joy rolled down his cheeks at the same time. Sarah wasted no time in hugging her daddy-to-be and then said :

“I love you so much, and I wouldn’t want anyone else as my father.”

During an interview for the media, she added that it was the first time she had seen her stepfather cry, and that she was interested in watching his deep happiness. The teenager also had a message she wanted to share with the world. She told the interviewer:

“I would like people to know that blood means nothing. He means more to me than my real biological father ever could.”

Von Tobel became Sarah’s stepfather after marrying her mother Jessica. The couple met with the help of a mutual friend, never mind that Jessica is the mother of a two-year-old baby girl. They immediately hit it off and have been inseparable ever since, especially with Sarah.

In the past, von Tobel had devised a plan to adopt Sarah, but this did not happen. The family adopted another child, which required a long process. Two weeks after welcoming a new family member, a fire engulfed their home and razed it to the ground.

This was very worrying for Sarah psychologically. She suffered from migraines, but her health stabilised with constant support and love. The family continued to live happily ever after, with daughter-in-law and father-in-law establishing a close bond, spending time together and sharing similar hobbies.

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