Former service dog saves an abandoned elephant from depression.

Elephants stand out with a very high degree of socialization and amazing mutual assistance. That is why this situation, when the herd abandoned the baby, was exceptional. Ellie was very young, only two weeks old, and suddenly she was found in one of the reserves in southern Africa. The baby was very sick and, apparently, the herd could no longer “pull” her.

Ellie was quickly taken to the veterinarian, who discovered she had a hernia in a severe form. In the wild, she would not have had any chance of surviving, since there was already a wound around the navel, which was infected. But the experts decided not to give up and began to treat the baby.

The animal refused milk and the staff had to cook him a special dish of rice and coconut oil. After some time, the baby elephant got stronger and started to eat well.

But physical recovery did not mean emotional recovery. Ellie remained sad and lonely, and without support it was very difficult to survive. She refused to be friends with people.

And one of the employees offered Duma as a companion and nanny. It was an old German shepherd who had served as a border guard, but was already retired. Duma was very friendly to animals of all kinds.

And this offer was the best! At first, Ellie was timidity, but then began to communicate with Duma more and more openly. The dog was also delighted with the role of a mentor. But then another problem arose. The baby elephant developed a severe sepsis, incompatible with life. She joined the angels that same night. But before going, she at least knew love and friendship.

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