Firefighter adopts baby he delivered оn rescue call

An incredible story happened in South Carolina, USA. In 2011, firefighters received a call from a pregnant woman who complained of severe abdominal pain. The ambulance did not have time to get to her, and firefighters can deliver babies if they have special training.

The hero of this article, Mark Hadden, was also in that brigade. They arrived and found that the woman was about to give birth. It was too late to take her to the hospital, so Mark began to deliver the baby.

Everything went well, and Hadden took the newborn girl in his arms. He did not even realize that he was holding his future daughter.

In the hospital, the mother refused the child, arguing that she would not be able to support and raise her.

After three days, Mark and his wife took the baby under custody, and a year later they adopted her officially. Besides her, there were two other children in the family.

The girl was named Rebecca, she is already 5 years old. She gets along well with her brothers, who are 12 and 14 years old.

Rebecca knows how she was born. If you ask her this, she will answer that her father helped her to be born in an ambulance. The older the girl gets, the more questions she asks. Her parents want her to know the truth from childhood, and not be shocked that she is adopted when she grows up.

Parents love the baby as if she were their own. Mark says that sometimes children come to families from other parents, but this does not give a reason to love them less.

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