Extremely rare blond penguin discovered in Antarctica: he is too adorable to handle.

They say blondies are more fun. I wonder if this is true for penguins too? Luckily, scientists have finally found a penguin we could ask about that.

Discovered in Antarctica, this blond penguin is definitely easy to spot in a crowd due to its unusual light coloration that makes him stand out from its black and white cousins!

Although it looks like an albino penguin, experts say its light coloring is linked to a rare condition called isabellism, which appears to limit the pigment’s spread to feathers.

“Many penguin species have a few rare specimens with this coloring,” said penguin expert P. Dee Bursma of the University of Washington in Seattle.

“Scientists have observed several species of penguins and the effect of isabellism on penguins and have found that Gentoo penguins, found throughout the Antarctic Peninsula, often report the majority of cases.”

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