Extreme drone footage of tornadoes could be the best ever

Tornadoes are amazing and terrifying natural calamities. It’s hard to look away when you see such a powerful force in all its glory. The damage that a tornado can cause is very great.

It can be difficult to keep footage of the power and destruction of a tornado. However, a dominator drone caught a powerful tornado whirlwind in Andover, Kansas. Thanks to the drone, huge damage is clearly visible on a narrow path.

The view looks like it’s from a Hollywood disaster movie. A powerful tornado throws debris into the sky and takes on various forms as it moves through a small area.

There are direct hits when you can see whole buildings being sucked into the sky above your head, and there are some indirect hits when you can see minor damage. The precision of the tornado and its narrow path means that some buildings are completely destroyed, while others remain intact.

There are times when the tornado is huge and dispersed, and there are times when it is skinny. You can see the sparks from the power lines as they rush through the streets.

The most interesting part is the distant footage that shows the origination of the funnel cloud from a more enormous cloud above it in the sky. The floating debris stays in the air and looks like birds flying around the tornado.

This drone footage is possibly the best tornado footage you could ever see because it shows so many different shots of the storm. It brings the terror of a tornado to the viewer and shows the extreme power of nature.

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