Every day, a New York cynologist walks a pack of dogs and takes stunning pictures of his clients

Any dog owner understands that keeping a pet is not as simple as it appears at first look. Everyone is certainly familiar with the agonizing sensation of sorrow. Especially when you have to go to work and are accompanied by the saddest eyes.

It’s difficult to leave your dog at home all day. And it’s much more difficult to push yourself to take them out in poor weather. He devised a technique to save dog owners from such agony. This man takes adorable images of himself on dog walks.

There he manages to walk up to 15 dogs at once.

Every day, dogs walk as a group and receive crucial socialization skills, exercise, and, most importantly, joy.

Animals form a feeling of community or pack. It is important to them. It’s undoubtedly really tough to manage 10-15 huge dogs who can fight or behave aggressively at the same time.

But he appears to have everything under control. He manages them flawlessly.

They sit and wait for him to snap another shot, then go on a walk together and act flawlessly. Adorable, right?

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