During the holidays, the boys rescue a newborn beluga whale washed ashore in Canada.

During a family vacation on the St. Lawrence River in Canada, teenagers saw a newborn beluga washed ashore.

15-year-old Nicholas Milliard told how he and his younger brothers managed to save the animal.

Water was poured every five minutes to keep the animal from drying out.

“We made a hole to collect water and moisturize his skin,” says Milliard.

The Quebec family immediately called rescuers and continued to care for the baby until the arrival of specialists. Rescuers released the animal.

All hope is that the baby will find his mother or another beluga will feed him.

Beluga whales feed and care for their offspring for two years; without maternal support, the baby simply will not survive.

There once was a time, when thousands of belugas lived in the St. Lawrence River, now their population has decreased to 900, and the reason for everything is pollution of water bodies.

And nonetheless, the rescued beluga now has a chance to survive. And all thanks to the efforts of caring boys.

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