Chinese teen reunited with his parents after being kidnapped at age 3 more than 16 years ago

Chinese teenager reunited with his parents. He was abducted at the age of 3 more than 16 years ago.


Another Chinese teenager has been reunited with his biological parents after being abducted at the age of three more than 16 years ago.
Three unidentified men kidnapped the child from his home and sold him to a childless couple living nearly 2,000 km away.

The abducted young man was found thanks to the national DNA database.
The meeting between the young man and his parents took place in one of the villages in Daguan county, Yunnan province.

According to the biological mother of the abducted young man, the family did not lose hope of finding the child for 16 years. The young man was raised in a foster family in Fujian province.
After losing the family’s father in 2016, the mother told the young man that he was adopted. The young man donated blood to the national database to help find his biological parents.

A year later, the parents of the abducted youth were informed that the young man they were looking for had been found.

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