Cameras captured how a smart dog ran into a pharmacy and asked for help.

The intelligence of dogs is sometimes surprising and admirable. These animals socialize very easily and adopt their habits and skills from people. Also, dogs have the succession of generations, when older and more experienced individuals pass on their skills and knowledge to younger generations.

This is especially true for stray, street dogs, because without the appropriate knowledge they could not survive. For example, it is not uncommon for dogs to know the rules of the road very well and we can see how animals cross the street just like people.

Fortunately, recently people have begun to show more care and attention to our smaller brothers, and animals are already turning to them for help without fear. That is what happened in this case. The story with the footage spread all over the world and people once again became convinced of the quick wits of dogs.

In one of the pharmacies in Turkey, a dog was caught on camera ran inside and asking for medical help.

As it turned out, the dog had injured paws. The employee at first could not understand what the animal was trying to do, she fed him, thinking that the dog ran in for food, but he only sniffed, but did not eat, and then held out his paw to her.

She was bleeding all over, so a pharmacy employee treated her with the appropriate ointment and bandaged her.


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